Every detail, every pocket, every stitch has been thought out to ensure the item lasts longer, and improves the comfort of its wearer.

Kindness is the word I use to tell my kids that they’re better persons when they try to do good around them ; Each one of us has to pitch in at its own scale

And now you’re asking yourself, what does kindness have to do with this collection? First, it has a role in the way we now rationalize our use of fabrics. Always the most noble, the highest quality, that’s what built such a trustful relationship between us and our clients. Italian thread is threaded in Italy, British and Scottish yarn is yarned in Scotland, etc. But, wanting the best the world has to offer for your clients comes with issues. The dark side of high end clothing and its impact on the planet: transportation. Therefore, I’ve decided to stop working with Japanese denim and to only get denim supply from Europe. Our clothes have to have the smallest carbon footprint possible

Goodwill in our designs as well, we constantly ask ourselves what you would love to wear, what your wishes are and try to anticipate your desires.

Hopefully, you will find everything you are looking for this season again !


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